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  • What is the phone number approval process?

    • We give you a landline number and assign it to your mobile phone
    • You give this to the prisoner
    • The prisoner adds it to their PIN phone list
    • The prison approves it and allows the prisoner to use it (24 hours)

  • Do my minutes ever expire?

    No - the credit you purchase is yours to keep indefinitely.
  • What do I do before my Affordacall number is approved by the prison?

    The prisoner will have to call your mobile phone number direct at a rate of on average 40p per minute. They'll only be charged 10p per minute once your Affordacall number is approved, Approval usually takes (HOW LONG?) so don't delay in signing up.
  • How much do we save using Affordacall?

    The prisoner will save a massive 75% calling you using your Affordacall number!, Together, you and the prisoner can save 50% or more, depending which top-up package you use.

  • Are there any minimum or maximum usage limits?

    No. However you will need to make one (short) (HOW LONG? IF DURATION ISN'T IMPORTANT THEN TAKE OUT SHORT) phone call per month to ensure that your landline number remains allocated to your mobile phone.
  • Will it work with my mobile phone and network provider?

    Yes, the Affordacall service is compatible with all UK mobile phones, no matter what network you're on or handset you use.
  • I've had to get a new mobile phone number, what do I do?

    TODO (see Fonesavvy FAQ & Prison Phone FAQ)

    Log into your account and click the link next to your current mobile phone number to change it. Due to current prison rules, we will have to issue you with a new landline number which the prisoner will have to apply to have it added to the PIN phone list again.

    There is a £10 admin charge for this.

  • How does the prisoner save money?

    It's very expensive for prisoners to call mobile phones using the prison PIN phone system (up to 40p per minute) but they're only charged a fixed rate of 10p per minute to call landlines.

    We give you a landline number and assign it to your mobile phone. The prisoner then calls this number instead of your mobile number and you will receive the calls on your mobile phone.

  • Do I get a refund of unused credit when the prisoner is released?

  • Do you need my bank details?

    No. All we need from you when you sign up is a credit or debit card number and your billing address. That's it. There are no bills or payment demands.
  • What will it cost the prisoner to call me using Affordacall?

    The prisoner will be charged 10p per minute instead of 40p per minute, a 75% saving for them.
  • How are you so cheap?

  • Will anyone know I'm using the Affordacall service?

    No, not unless you tell them.
  • How do I cancel my account?

    TODO (see Fonesavvy FAQ)
  • Is there a disconnection fee?

    No. (ADDED) You can stop using the service whenever you like and we will terminate it upon request.
  • Do you offer call records?

    Yes. If you log into your account then you will be able to see all of the calls that have been made both to and from your number. These will be accurate up to one hour before the time you are viewing them.
  • Are there any time-limits on calls?

    We don't limit your call time but the prisoner will be subject to calling restrictions set down by the prison.
  • What do you need from me to sign up?

    When you sign up (which only takes a couple of minutes) we'll ask you for your mobile phone number, which card you'd like to use for payments and your billing address. That's it! We don't need to know anything else and we don't do any credit checks. Your new number is allocated to your mobile phone instantly.
  • How do I pay to use Affordacall?

    Login and top up from one of our pre-pay packages. Your credit is applied instantly so you can begin receiving calls immediately.
  • Where's the catch?

    There isn't one! You pay via Instant Top-Up (see our prices) and that's it. Affordacall is completely Pay As You Go so there are never any bills or payment demands.
  • I have a Pay As You Go mobile phone. Will it cost me more to receive these calls?

    No, you will only be charged once (by Affordacall) to receive calls made to your new landline number. You will not be charged anything extra by your mobile phone network provider.